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Jake Griggs
Who I am:
I'm constantly in search of interesting images. Looking at details from the grass on a lawn, to the texture of one brick in a building, I search for unique ways of presenting the world around me. I've always enjoyed creating, and my background in videography helps me see in a world that is constantly in motion. As an educator and freelance photographer I try to have fun and not take myself too seriously.
What I stive for:
My goal is simple - to capture events. Whether natural ambiance or a senior portrait, I try to use my subject, the surroundings, and a keen eye to create memorable pictures. My rates are reasonable, and I go out of my way to ensure satisfaction. Drop me a line for a quote, or if you simply want to talk shop.
Who I thank:
Aside from my friends and family (for putting up with me), I thank YOU for visiting my site. Have a great day and happy shooting...